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Friday 5th February

Today's timetable

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Maths Break English Phonics & Reading Lunch Minute to win it Golden Time

8:55 - 9:55


Using 10p coins to find a total price

Please connect to Google Classrooms for a 15 minute Meet to talk you through your learning today.

This is a ten pence coin. We often call it 10p.

It has the value of ten one penny coins.

We can use the 10p coin to buy things from shops (obviously essential shops only).

When something cost more than 10p, we will need to use more of them to pay the full price of the item we would like. It the item has a price label of 40p, we know that 40 = 4 tens. That means we will need 4 ten pence coins to buy that item. 

Take a look at the shop below. How many ten pence coins would you need to buy each item?

Task 1:

Take a look at the purses below. Can you find the total amount of money in each one?

Which purse has the most money inside?


Task 2:

You are at the shop with this purse of ten pence coins. What can you buy when spending all of your money? There are different combinations of items you can buy that total up to the amount in your purse. How many different combinations can you find? 5 Dojos will be awarded if you find them all.

Explore further:

If you have different coins at home you could discuss their names and their values (how many one pence coins are they the same as). Do you notice any patterns in their shape, size and colour when you lay them out in order?

The Royal Mint website has all of the different coins in circulation to look at in more detail.


10:35 - 11:35



Please connect to Google Classrooms for a 15 minute Meet to talk you through your learning today.

Today we will be having a focus on our handwriting. Well presented writing makes it easy for a reader to recognise the words we have written. By keeping all of the letters on the same line, 

Some letters are tall letters that stand high over the other letters whilst others sit on the line and dangle down below the line.


Task 1:

Octopus Comprehension Book: Page 4.

Trace over the words showing to practice your tall letters and hanging letters.

In your blue writing book, have a go at writing these same words independently. Keep the letters on the line and show me the different sized letters.


Task 2:

Time challenge! Get a grown up to get a 1 minute timer at the ready. Most phones have this function or a Google search can do this for you.

Your challenge is to write as many of each of the following words as you can in 1 minute.

You will score 1 point for each completed word you write and a bonus point if you have the letters on the line, tall letters standing tall and hanging letters beneath the line.

  1. Your first name.
  2. Your favourite animal.
  3. Your favourite food.
  4. Your favourite colour.
  5. The emotion you are feeling right now.


11:35 - 12:00

Phonics and Reading

Oxford Owl appears to have stopped the direct links that we have been using so far for our reading. If the following links do not take you directly to the e-book, I have been assured that you can log in to the Oxford Owl website directly using the following student log in details:

Username: klester

Password: Password1

You can then access the links to the books as before.



Group Colour Sound Lesson eBook 

Set 1 Sound Lesson


Sound Blending 7

Sound out the word and check if you were right by turning the page.


Set 2 Sound Lesson


I can hop: Ditty 4 - ###. Pages 18 - 21.

Read the story green words and red words for this story. Read this story twice with the aim of reading more fluently as you go. Answer questions about the story on page 23.


Set 3 Sound Lesson



Biff has a set a quiz for her family. Can you guess correctly?


Set 3 Sound Lesson


The Right Home

Find out about different places to live.


Set 3 Sound Lesson


Stuck in the Mud

On a muddy walk, a sheep rescue goes a bit wrong.


1:20 - 1:40

Minute to win it

Who is the ruler?

Please connect to Google Classrooms for a 15 minute Meet to talk you through your learning today.

You will need the ruler out of your packs for today's challenge.

Join us for a giggle to round off our week.


1:40 - 2:55

Golden Time

Screen Free Time