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Friday 3rd July

Our Zoom lesson today will be the Maths work. Login at 9.30am with your Maths CGP book and we’ll go through this together. Zoom login details have been sent on Class Dojo (this morning) and were text out yesterday.


Maths – Complete pages 72 & 73 in your Maths CGP book looking at tables & timetables.

When working out differences in times, using a time line is helpful, like we have done in school already. Also don’t forget that if someone needs to arrive somewhere on a bus by a certain time, they must get there on time or a little bit early – they can’t be late!

Answers are at the back of the book.


English – Follow the following link. Use the picture of “After Work”. I would like you to complete at least one of the sections on the page to go with the picture. This could be finishing the 'Story Starter', answering the questions in 'Question Time', sort out the 'Sick Sentences' or complete the 'Sentence Challenge'. The ‘Sentence Challenge’ links nicely to our work on adverbials earlier this week!


Reading – 15 minutes of reading. Please send a photo of the reading or the reading record signed.


Enrichment – As we always do on a Friday, for your enrichment, I’m going to let you choose what you would like to do. This could be based off of the sessions we run at school, or an idea you may have with your family. In school, we normally offer cubs, sport, music/drama, computing, woodlands, animals and games. I look forward to seeing what you get up to!