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Friday 3rd July 2020


Good Morning Year 3 🙂


We really enjoyed our zoom lesson yesterday, you all did such a good job at calculating the perimeter of all of those shapes. 


Today we would like you to complete the art activity in the link below. Please start by watching the video all the way through and then start the video again. The second time you watch it please start your drawing, remember can you pause the video too. On Wednesday we had some wonderful drawings and I’m sure we will again today.


Today’s English activity is on page 18 of the CGP workbook and is all about colons and bullet points. 


Colons often introduce an explanation. The phrase that comes after the colon usually explains or expands on what came before it. It is also used before a list, quotation, answer or to provide contrast.


‘Life is like a box of chocolates: you never know what you're gonna get.' In this example from Forrest Gump, the phrase that follows the colon explains why life is like a box of chocolates.


‘I love watching films after school: comedies are my favourite.' The phrase that follows the colon here expands on what the person loves about watching films.


‘Tom hated his mum's cooking: soggy sprouts, smelly cabbage and lumpy mashed potatoes.' In this example, a colon is used to introduce a list of things that Tom's mum cooks that he doesn't like. Can you also spot the alliteration?


Bullet points are used to break up lots of complicated information, turn things into lists and to make texts easier to read. If you click on the link below you’ll be taken to the super movers video which explains all about bullet points.


In Maths today we would like you to complete the activities on pages 23 and 24 which are all about using times tables facts. When you answer the multiplication questions you might want to use arrays, the grid method or you may be able to work out some of the answers mentally. For the division questions you may be able to find the answer by sharing or by using the bus stop method. Please show us your working out which you can do do in the books or on a piece of scrap paper. 


Remember to make time to read today, we are sure you’ll be able to find some bullet points and semi colons in your book. Exercise is also really important too so make sure you get active today. 


We are always available on Class Dojo and via Facebook messenger so please contact us if you need any help. 


Have a great weekend and stay safe.

Mrs Joesbury and Mrs Etheridge