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Friday 3rd July


Today we are looking at spelling. The spelling rule we are going to learn has a lot to do with vowels and consonants - click here for a reminder about which is which!

Mr Spelling is going to teach you about how to end words which end with a short vowel sound and a consonant (like jog and rub) by doubling the consonant and adding ed and ing.

Once you have watched the video, complete page 34 of your activity book all about this rule.


Today will be our Zoom maths lesson at 12pm! Remember, details will be sent out before the session, and we will be playing a game or two and then doing some problem solving.


If you are unable to join us, please complete some pages from Section One (Place Value) - you may do as many in this section as you'd like!



Earlier in the week we learned about the reflection of light, and today we will be learning about blocking light!


Spend ten minutes reading - it could be a book you have at home, or this eBook I have uploaded...