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Friday 3rd April 2020

Friday 3rd April 2020


Good morning everyone,

This is the final posting before the Easter holiday.  I will post some activities that you may wish to do over the Easter period though.  These will be included on a separate page titled ‘Easter Ideas’. 

Again, a big thank you to everyone who has been busy working at home and for sending in photographs to show all the lovely work that you and the children have been doing. 

As always I can be contacted on class dojo or by emailing

Kind Regards,

Mr Leese


Activity Suggestions for Today


You can watch the speed sound session from Ruth Miskin at 9.30am.  The link is below. 

View Alphablocks Series 1 episode 10 – again the link is lower down the page.  

Continuing from yesterday, children could try to write the letter 'd'.  There is a formation video lower down the page.  Remember the tips about sitting correctly on a chair.  Some children may need you to write the letter quite big that they can trace over before having a go at writing them independently.  For some children they are not yet at the stage where they will be able to write the letters independently but try to encourage them as much as possible. 

Phonics matching game (this is a game we play most days in Nursery)

Write a few (perhaps 5 maximum) sounds on separate pieces of paper.  See if you can find a selection of 5 items that each match the sounds.  Can the children place the items on the piece of paper with the sounds written on them.

E.g.  you may write a,  s,   t,   p,     b  on separate pieces of paper.

The items that you collect could be an apple, sock, teddy, peg,  ball.  Mix the items up and see if the children can match them to the sounds that you wrote on the paper. 


Continuing with the name writing and ‘Fred talking’ is important.  These are challenging skills and take some time to acquire.

Continuing with name writing is important -it is a skill that can take quite a long time to acquire.  

Can children write their first name?  Some children in Nursery can already write their first name.  If this is the case can they begin to write their last name.  I would love to see photos of written names so that I can post them on the Nursery page and award dojo points. 


  • Practice ‘Fred talking’ different words e.g. c-a-t. and encourage the children to say cat to blend the sounds together.   Remember to use the 'pure sounds' for the letters when doing this activity and not the letter names. E.g. say 'a' not 'ay'.  There is a video link below to detail how to say the pure sounds.  When Fred talking cat, the adult would say 'c-a-t' quite quickly and the child would hopefully reply by saying 'cat'.  Some children are at a stage where they can do this quite confidently; other children are still acquiring this skill, therefore may give you a different word to the one you were asking for.  (See the blending song below which illustrated how to do this).



Go on a shape hunt around the house to see if children can use the shape names such as triangle/ square.

Continue rote counting to 20 and try counting out a set number of objects accurately by saying one number name for each object that you touch as you count it.

Arts, Crafts and Understanding of the World

  • Draw an Easter picture or Spring picture using colouring crayons or pens. It could be a good time to make an Easter card for a family member.

Physical Development

Join Joe Wicks for his daily PE lesson at 9am.  The link to Joe’s youtube chanel is further down the page.   The lesson is live at 9am but I think it is available to view on youtube later if you miss it.

I have included a cosmic yoga link. Reception children do cosmic yoga and they really enjoy it – I hope you do too.

Story Time

Story for Today - Thursday 2nd April 2020 - The Three Little Pigs. – ANSWERS

1) The story described the three little pigs as 'brave' and 'bold'.  What do these words mean? 

‘Bold’ means the pigs are not shy.

‘Brave’ means they are not easily scared.


2) Who did mummy pig warn the three little pigs to look out for?

Mummy pig told them to look out for the big bad wolf.


3) Who did the pigs meet first after they left home?

The first person the pigs met was a man carrying/selling straw.


4) The last pig (third) met a many carrying what?

The third pig met a man carrying some bricks.


  1.   Why wouldn't the pigs let the wolf in when he knocked on their doors?

The pigs did not want to let the wolf in because they knew he would try and eat them.  Their mum told them to be careful and watch out for the big bad wolf.


6) The wolf 'crept' up to the houses.  What does 'crept' mean?

‘Crept’ means walking very slowly and quietly.


7) Why could the wolf not blow down the brick house?

The brick house was too strong.


8) Can you think of any of the things that the wolf wanted to pick with the third little pig?

The wolf asked the third pig to go with him to pick turnips and apples.


9) Which house do you think was the best?  Why?

Children could choose any of the three houses (straw, sticks or bricks) and as long as they give a good reason then that is acceptable.  Most are likely to say the brick house is best because it is strongest and the wolf couldn’t get in.


  1.   Did you enjoy the story?  Why/why not?

No right or wrong answers as long as children give a reason.


Story for Friday 3rd April 2020 -   What the Ladybird Heard by Julia Donaldson (link below)


Listen to the story and they try to answer these questions.  I have included the answers to the questions today because of the Easter holiday. 


1) Can you name any of the animals that were on the farm?

Fat red hen, goose, woolly sheep,  hairy dog, handsome horse, dainty dog, two cats, fine prize cow and a ladybird.


2) The horse was described as ‘handsome’, what does ‘handsome’ mean?

It means that the horse was very good looking.  We usually use the word ‘handsome’ when describing a boy or man (male).  If a girl or a lady (female) is good looking we usually use words like ‘beautiful’ or ‘pretty’.


3) What did the men want to do?

They wanted to steal the cow.


4) What did the animals do to try and stop the men taking the cow?

They all made different noises to what they normally make to confuse the men so that they got lost and went the wrong way.


5) Why did the farmer call the cops (police)?

Because the men were trying the steal the cow and the police would come and stop them.


6) Do you think the farmer was pleased with the animals?

Yes he was because they had saved the cow.    The story said the farmer ‘cheered’.  People usually cheer when they are happy or pleased about something.


7) Which was you favourite animal and why?

No right or wrong answer as long as the animal chosen was in the story and the children give a reason to justify their choice.


8) Did you like the story?  Why/why not?

Again, no right or wrong answer as long as the children are able to justify their decision.

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