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Friday 29th January 2021

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PE RWI Maths Break Time Times Tables English Lunch Reading Time Golden Time Story Time Golden Time


We have made it to the end of another week of home learning and are now at 1848 dojo points, we are almost half way towards our target. Well done! Have a look at the details below to see what we have got planned for you today.


8:50 – 9:30



We really hope that you are enjoying the Joe Wicks PE lesson at home as much as we are at school. If you haven’t joined in with one of the lessons before why not? They’re brilliant! Find out for yourself how much fun they are by clicking on the link below.


Joe Wicks PE lesson


If don’t have the energy for one of Joe Wicks lessons this morning then why not create a mini circuit in at home. You will need 4 different stations at home which you rotate around, each station needs to be a different activity such as jogging on the spot, star jumps or sit up. You decide which activities to include.


9:30 – 9:55



Today in RWI we would like you to complete the lesson for set 3 sound ‘oi’. Click on the link below and select the Set 3 sound ‘oi’ lesson.


RWI Lesson


Make sure you click on Set 3 sounds on the playlist and then on Set 2 speed sounds with Rosie. When you have finished watching the Set 3 sound video please feel free to watch the Set 3 spelling video too.


9:55 -10:55



Today in Maths we will continue with our topic of time and will be looking at time tables. Being able to tell the time and calculate intervals of time is a very important skill that we all need to know which is why we are learning about it today.


Amazing Fact

On September 15th 1830 the Liverpool to Manchester Railway was opened by the Duke of Wellington. It was the first railway to rely on steam power, be entirely double track and have its own signalling system. It was also the first railway to be fully timetabled.

In our online lesson at 11:35 we are going to look at this timetable together and answer some questions, as you can see we have times in am and pm which we will also discuss during our online lesson.



The activity that we would like you to complete is in the resources section of the class webpage. You will need to look very carefully at the time table which provides the times of train to Twinkl Town and then answer questions about which trains to get to arrive there at certain times.


10:55 – 11:10

Break Time


11:10 – 11:35

Times Tables


You are doing so well with your times tables and we want you to keep up the fantastic effort so please take this time to practise your 2, 5, 10 and 3 times tables. You can either play on hit the button or Times Tables Rock Stars, it is up to you. The link for both of those websites can be found below.


Hit the Button


Times Tables Rock Stars


11:35 – 12:25



Today in English we will be continuing to write our diary entries, we were really impressed with the work that was sent it yesterday. Everyone had used the pronoun I throughout their writing and wrote about their feelings and emotions which was fantastic.


We would like to challenge you to include a range of sentence types in your writing today, these are:







We know that all of these sentences may not fit into your diary entry today but if you can try to get 2 of them in that would be fantastic. We would also like to see some contracted words to such as:


Didn’t, wouldn’t, she’ll, couldn’t and haven’t


During the online lesson we will model an example of a diary entry which includes these features which will hopefully give you some ideas when you are writing yours. We would also like you to tick your work against the success criteria below


Have I include

Pupil Marking

A range of sentences?


Contracted words ?


Conjunctions ? 


Adjectives to add detail ?



12:25 – 1:25

Lunch Time


1:25 – 1:45




Today you can choose which book you would like to read. You may want to read an RWI book that you have or maybe you’re going to spend some time reading your favourite bedtime story.


Today is free reader day so you can choose whichever book you would like to read. If you have an old RWI book at home that you love then you can read that or you could log onto Bug Club and read a book online.


Today you can choose a book that you would like to read. If you are really enjoying the books on Bug Club then you may want to spend this time logging on and reading a book online or you can find an old black and white RWI book and read that instead. 


Today you can decide which book you would like to read as its free reader day. If you would like to read a book on Bug Club then you can or if you would rather spend some time reading one of your favourites from your book collection that you can do that, it’s your choice! 


Bug Club



Your username is your first name only


Password is the same as your Google Classroom one

School Code:

School Code is W3S3


Or you can read a book on Oxford Owl.


Oxford Owl


Username: kjoesbury/etheridge

Password: Password1


1:45 - 2:05 

Golden Time


You’ve all worked so hard again this week so please spend your Golden Time doing an activity that you enjoy. In the classroom we will be watching the end of our movie so you may want to do that or you could play on TTRS/Matheltics, listen to some music, read a book or play a board game.


2:05 - 2:20

Mrs Etheridge/Mrs Joesbury Reads

Today we will be reading a story called Octopants.


2:20 - 3:05 

Golden Time


All resources can be found on our class page:

If you require any help or assistance please do not hesitate to contact us on the Class Dojo page or on our school Facebook page.

Have a great weekend and stay safe.
Mrs Etheridge and Mrs Joesbury