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Friday 27th March 2020

Good morning Year 3 


We hope that you’ve all been enjoying your week of home schooling. Today we thought it would be a lovely idea to do a good deed and help out parents and carers as they have helped us with our school work all week. We would love to see or hear about the good deed that you do, it could be something like making a sandwich or putting the washing on the line. 


In maths today we would like to challenge you to calculate the perimeter of your bedroom. Perimeter I hear you say, what’s that again? We learnt about it a little while ago in maths and it’s all about measuring the distance around the outside of a shape. Take a look at this video for more help.


You also need to take your maths book out and look in the contents page for adding, could you please then complete all the adding pages (sorry we can’t give page numbers for these pages, some children have different books and adding is on a different page in each book). When adding you can the use column method, the partitioning method or even add the numbers in your head mentally. 


In DT we had started our smoothie topic and had been tasting a range of different fruits. Although we will not be able to make our smoothies at school yet we can still create our own recipe at home. We would like you to create your own recipe, it can be as unusual as you like! You must include a list of ingredients, equipment you will need and then a set of instructions. 


We hope that you will all find time to read for at least 5 minutes today, it’s so important to keep reading even when your not at school. You may choose to read a book from home today, a magazine or a comic book. 


Have a great day, stay safe and as always please contact us on Class Dojo or Facebook if you have any questions.


Mrs Joesbury and Mrs Etheridge