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Friday 26th June

Our Zoom lesson today will be the English work. Login at 9.30am with your English CGP book that you were given last week and we’ll go through this together. Zoom login details have been sent on Class Dojo (this morning) and were text out yesterday.


Maths – We’re going to apply the skills we’ve learnt this week on Mathletics. I have assigned some activities for you to do today. If these don’t come up, use the search function to find:

  • Model Fractions to Multiply
  • Fraction by whole number
  • Add like fractions
  • Subtract like fractions

Remember to send me a screen shot of your score on each activity so I can see how you got on.


English – Complete pages 12 – 13 in your English CGP books based on Apostrophes. Remember, apostrophes can be used to show that something belongs to a person (E.g. Mr Oakley’s class) or to show that two words have been joined together and letters are missing (E.g. You are à You’re).

Contracted Apostrophes

Possessive Apostrophes


Reading – 15 minutes of reading. Please send a photo of the reading or the reading record signed.


PE – What a super effort by all of you! Well done! Last activity today and then I will announce the winner of the Rainbow Games tonight on my Facebook post – keep your eyes out! Final activity is ‘Run the Rainbow’.

I will also add bonus points on for any extra physical activities you get up to such as a long walk, joining in with Joe Wicks, playing a game with your family etc. Just send your photos in on Dojo to collect your points!


Please download a certificate for your effort this week – add your name once you have printed it and put it somewhere special!