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Friday 26th February

Needing each other assembly

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Today's timetable

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Maths Break English Phonics & Reading Lunch Minute to win it! Golden Time

8:55 - 9:55


Beginning to measure

Please connect to Google Classrooms for a 15 minute Meet to talk you through your learning today.

Let's Power Up and find 3 objects that are longer than your hand. Now try to find 3 objects shorter than your hand.


We can quickly measure something without using a ruler or tape measure by using an object or a part of our body. 

We could measure the height of a chair using our hands. By placing our hands side by side from the bottom of the chair to the top, we can get a rough measurement of the height of the chair.

The chair is about six hands tall.

We say "about" because it is not an exact measurement but measuring with hands can be quick and useful.

We could also measure the length of a rug by using our feet.

The rug is about five feet long.


Here we want to compare these bookcases to find which one is longer. One has been measured with feet and one has been measured with hands. Hands and feet are not the same size so we cannot use different sized objects to compare the length of these bookcases. We have to be sure to measure objects with the same object or body part if we wish to compare them.


Task 1:

Decide whether you will be measuring using your hands or your feet. You cannot change your mind once you have started.

Find at least 5 large objects from around your house and measure how long they are with your chosen body part. Record your measurements in your yellow maths book in a table like this:

Name of object Number of hands/feet
Table 15
Fish tank 9
Radiator 14


Task 2:

Compare some of the objects you have measured.

  • Which object is longer?
  • Which object is shorter?


Write a sentence to tell me how you have compared the objects you have chosen. For example:

The fish tank is shorter than the radiator.

The table is longer than the fish tank.



10:35 - 11:35


The wild rumpus continues

Please connect to Google Classrooms for a 15 minute Meet to talk you through your learning today.

Lets have a look at some more verbs that need to change when they are happening in the past.

hide - hid

hold - held

find - found

sit - sat

catch - caught


Today, we will travel back to where the wild things are today. Put on your masks or get your wild characters at the ready to join you.


  • somewhere to hide.
  • something to hold.
  • something lost to find.
  • somewhere to sit.
  • something to catch.


We are now going to be writing about what you have just been doing. As you have already done these activities and they are over, they have happened in the past. When we talk about things that have happened in the past, we need to change the way we say the yellow verb in our sentence.

Task 1:

Answer the following questions in your blue writing books in full sentences. Use your colourful grid to write the full sentence about what you did. As you have already done the activities in the past, you will need to use a past tense verb in your sentence, for example:

I saw a cloud in the sky.

  1. Where did you hide?
  2. What did you hold?
  3. What lost thing did you find?
  4. Where did you sit?
  5. What did you catch?


Task 2:

One final question for you.

  • How did you feel today?


11:35 - 12:00


Group Colour Sound Lesson

Set 1 Sound Lesson



Set 2 Sound Lesson



Set 3 Sound Lesson



Set 3 Sound Lesson



Set 3 Sound Lesson



Bug Club Reading

Some of you may already be familiar with Bug Club but for those new to this, Bug Club is a fantastic e-book library that we will be using this week.

Please watch the video below for a guided tour of how to use this website.

Your log-in details will be:

  • Enter website:
  • Username: Your first name with the capital letter. If you have a hyphenated name, you will need both (e.g. Alexa-Rose)
  • Password: This is the same as your Google Classroom password. Please let me know if you need a reminder.
  • School code: w3s3.


I have allocated everybody a library of e-books and phonics games so please take your pick out of your individual collection.


1:20 - 2:20

Minute to win it!

Extreme egg and spoon race

Please connect to Google Classrooms for a 15 minute Meet to talk you through your learning today.

You will need a spoon and a small ball or object that can balance on your spoon. Please do not use an egg or it WILL get messy.

Join us for our challenge to see if you can win!


2:20 - 2:55

Golden Time


Can you create patterns with objects, toys, shapes or other things you have at home? Here are a few ideas you might consider.



Banana Banana Meatball - Blazer Fresh

Can you make a pattern dance like Blazer Fresh?