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Friday 26th February 2021

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PE RWI Maths Break Time Times Tables English Lunch Golden Time Story Time Golden Time


8:50 – 9:30



Today we will be joining Joe Wicks for his online PE lesson. It has been a few weeks since we have taken part in one of his lessons so have your water bottle at the ready because we have a feeling that it’s going to be a high intensity workout. Click on the link below to find the lesson.


Joe Wicks PE Lesson


If you would rather spend your time doing another physical activity that is fine but please do make sure you spend the lesson exercising and having fun.


9:30 – 9:55



Today in RWI we would like you to complete the lesson for set 3 'ear' sound. Click on the link below and select the Set 3 'ear' sound lesson.


RWI Lesson


Make sure you click on Set 3 sounds on the playlist and then on Set 2 speed sounds with Rosie. When you have finished watching the Set 3 sound video please feel free to watch the Set 3 spelling video too.


9:55 -10:55



Today in Maths we will be learning to identify lines of symmetry in 2D shapes. Something is symmetrical when it is exactly the same on both sides. In the picture below you can see that there is a line of symmetry down the middle of the circle as it looks exactly the same on both sides. The rectangle also has a line of symmetry running down the middle.




Feel free to click on the video in the link below which provides some more information about symmetry.


Symmetry Video


During our online lesson we will be looking at some everyday objects to see if they have any lines of symmetry, some shapes have more than one line of symmetry so make sure you look at each shape carefully. Once the online lesson is finished we would like you to download the symmetry activity from the resources section of the class webpage and draw all the lines of symmetry in each shape, be careful because some of the shapes have no lines of symmetry which we call asymmetric.


10:55 – 11:10

Break Time


11:10 – 11:35

Times Tables


You are doing so well with your times tables and we want you to keep up the fantastic effort so please take this time to practise your 2, 5, 10 and 3 times tables. When you are practising your times tables please make sure that you are not doing them all in order as this will become very easy and you will remember the pattern, you need to know them in any random order such as


5 x 5 = 25

2 x 7 = 14

3 x 8  = 24


We would also like you to practise the division facts for each timetable, for example:


25 divide by 5 = 5

14 divide by 2 = 7

24 divide by 3 = 8


11:35 – 12:25



In our English lesson today we are going to be creating a comic strip based on the superhero character that we have created, don’t worry if you haven’t created your own superhero yet as we will think of some ideas at the beginning of the lesson. During the lesson we will start to write our comic strip, which must include:


Information about our superhero and superpower

A problem

An evil villain 

A resolution 


We need to make sure we use adjectives to describe the settings, appearance of characters as well as the characters emotions.


Below is an example of comic strip of Little Red Riding Hood. 



After the online lesson we would like you to write sentences in all 8 of the boxes on the comic strip template, which can be found in the resources section of the class webpage. Once you have written your comic strip please draw the pictures and colour them in.


12:25 – 1:25

Lunch Time


1:25 – 1:45




Today you can choose which book you would like to read. You may want to read an RWI book that you have or maybe you’re going to spend some time reading your favourite bedtime story.


Today is free reader day so you can choose whichever book you would like to read. If you have an old RWI book at home that you love then you can read that or you could log onto Bug Club and read a book online.


Today you can choose a book that you would like to read. If you are really enjoying the books on Bug Club then you may want to spend this time logging on and reading a book online or you can find an old black and white RWI book and read that instead. 


Today you can decide which book you would like to read as its free reader day. If you would like to read a book on Bug Club then you can or if you would rather spend some time reading one of your favourites from your book collection that you can do that, it’s your choice! 


When you have finished this task you can spend the rest of the time reading a book on Bug Club, the link and login details are below:


Bug Club


Your username is your first name only


Password is the same as your Google Classroom one

School Code:

School Code is W3S3


Or you can read a book on Oxford Owl.


Oxford Owl


Username: kjoesbury/etheridge

Password: Password1


1:45 – 2:05

Golden Time


During Golden Time today we are going to be working on our drawing skills. We will be watching the video in the link below to help us draw a unicorn. When you are watching the video please make sure you pause it to allow you time to draw each step. We have completed one of these drawing activities in the classroom and had some brilliant results so please do send us your pictures when your unicorn is complete.


How to Draw A Unicorn


If you would rather spend your Golden Time doing another activity that you enjoy then please feel free, just make sure you relax and have fun.


2:05 – 2:20

Mrs Etheridge/Mrs Joesbury Reads


The next 15 minutes will be spent sharing a story together. Why not get a pillow, blanket and a cuddy toy and relax whilst you enjoy the story.


2:20 – 3:05

Golden Time


If you require any help or assistance please do not hesitate to contact us on the Class Dojo page or on our school Facebook page.

Have a great weekend and stay safe.
Mrs Etheridge and Mrs Joesbury