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Friday 26th February 2021

Good morning everyone,


I hope you are all well.  Here are some activity suggestions for today.


Kind regards,

Mr Leese

The Hundred Decker Bus - Story Read Aloud by Big Fox

The Hundred Decker Bus by Mike Smith.Published by Macmillan Children's Book in 2013A story about a bored bus driver that goes on an adventure and finds like-...

I hope you liked the story about the bus.  Here are some questions about the story to talk about with an adult.


1)  Can you remember any of the people who got on the bus?

2) Did the driver know where he was going on the bus? (No).

3) The bus got to the end of the road and had to go on a ferry.  What is a ferry? (A large ship that vehicles can drive onto).

4) What happened to the bus the further it went?  (It got taller).

5) Why did all of the people have to get off the bus?  (The bus broke down).

6) If you could go anywhere on the bus where would you like to go?