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Friday 24th April 2020

Friday 24th April 2020


Hi everyone,


Thank you for continuing to send the pictures through of all the work that the children are doing; you are doing a fabulous job!  Here are some activity suggestions for today.


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Kind Regards,


Mr Leese


Activity Suggestions for Today

Phonics and Literacy


Remember the ‘Fred Games’ are available for children to play.  Each day this week the children tried a different one of the four games.  Repeat their favourite one for today’s activity.


Ruth Miskin is delivering a speed sounds lesson on her Youtube channel at 9.30am.    I have received mixed feedback from parents about these lessons, but if you wish to view them, they are available. 


View Alphablocks Series 1 episode 15 – again the link is lower down the page.  The feedback that I have received from parents about Alphablocks is really positive and the children are enjoying it.  The series was developed by the BBC.   


Try to write the letter ‘i’.  Remember to revise some of the letters that we have learned so far.  I have included the link to the Epic Phonics writing ‘i’ video below.  Some children draw a circle instead of a dot on top of the ‘i’, make sure it is a dot.


Use the ‘Practise blending sounds for CVC words’ video below to encourage the children to blend (put together) the individual sounds to make up a word.  Please define any of the words that the children are unsure of.  I have included a link of a video for some words to blend.   Some children may be getting very confident with their blending.  If this is the case, try writing some of the words mentioned in the video clip on a piece of paper and encourage the children to read them.  The children should say all three sounds in the word first before trying to put (blend) those sounds together to read the word.


Continue with the name writing.  It would be fantastic if Nursery children could write their names confidently by the time they start Reception class.  I was really pleased to hear yesterday after speaking to many parents that some children are now learning to write their last names – well done for trying so hard.

Alphablocks - Volume 1 Episode 15 - Fred (Letter F)

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As always revise counting to 20 with the song – link below.


Children have been working a lot lately on their touch counting skills.  These skills are vital and developing good touch counting skills by the time the children finish Nursery is an important goal.  Number recognition is also very important. 

Cut a sheet of paper into pieces about the size of regular playing cards.  Write one number on each piece of paper and lay them out on the floor or a table.  Say a number name and encourage your child to find the card with that number on it as quickly as possible.  The numbers that you write on the cards will depend on the ability of your child.  For some children in Nursery numbers 0-3 will be sufficient, for others numbers up to 20 may be more challenging.  If your child is struggling to find the numbers when you say the name try writing the number at the same time as you say it, then the children have a visual clue about what to find.

Let's Count to 20 Song For Kids

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Arts, Crafts and Understanding of the World

Watch the story time video below and then draw a picture of your favourite animal or animals.


Physical Development

The PE lessons by Joe Wicks can be accessed on You Tube. 


Think of your favourite song at the moment.  Can you learn the dance to your favourite song? You could make up your own dance to the song.

PE With Joe | Friday 24th April

Story Time



Story for Thursday 23rd April – The Little Red Hen. Answers to Questions.


Please watch the story and then discuss these questions. 


1) The story said that the cat liked to sleep on the soft couch.  What is a ‘couch’?

A ‘couch’ is another name for a sofa.


2)  The dog liked to ‘nap’ all day.  What does ‘nap’ mean?

‘Nap’ means ‘sleep’.  A nap is usually a short sleep.


3) The mouse liked to ‘snooze’ all day.  What does this mean?

‘Snooze’ also means ‘sleep’.


4) The Little Red Hen did all of the house work.  Can you think of some jobs that would be classed as house work?

Jobs such as cleaning, washing and tidying the house would be classed as house work.



5) What did Little Red Hen find in the garden?

Little Red Hen found some grains of wheat.


6) Were the other animals very helpful?

No, they did not help Little Red Hen at all, the only job that they wanted to help her with was eating the cake.


7) What did the Little Red Hen make with the flour?

She made a cake.


8)  Do you think that the Little Red Hen should have shared some of the cake with the other animals?  Why/why not?

No right or wrong answer for this one as long as children justify their answer with a reason(s).




Story for Friday 24th April 2020 – Giraffes Can’t Dance


Watch the story and then discuss the following questions.


1) What was the Giraffe in the story called?


2) Why do you think Giraffes have long necks?


3)  Can you remember any of the animals that were mentioned in the story?


4) Which was your favourite animal in the story? Why?


5) Gerald was called ‘clumsy’.  What does ‘clumsy’ mean?


6) How did Gerald feel when the other animals laughed at him for not being very good at dancing?


7) Which animal helped Gerald?


8) At the end of the story were the other animals shocked and surprised to see what a good dancer Gerald had become?

Giraffe's Can't Dance Animation Movie