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Friday 22nd May 2020


Hello Year 3 🙂


Well done for all of your hard work yesterday, we loved reading your answers to the comprehension questions! You’ve definitely earned a rest next week, there won’t be any daily activities but there will be a project. You’ll be able to find out more about the project at the end of the day. 


In Maths today we would like you to continue to focus on money, the link below will take you to the lesson videos and activities.


As today is all about adding money, it might be a good idea to have some paper to draw the money or you can use real coins and or toy coins if you have any. Before completing the activities please watch both videos. 


In English we would like you to learn all about synonyms and antonyms. Some of you may already know what these are, if you do that’s brilliant! For those who don’t know synonyms are words that have the same or similar meaning, for example a synonym of sleepy is tried. Whereas antonyms are words that have the opposite meaning, an antonym for sleepy would be alert. We have attached a sheet to the resources section of the class homepage with a sorting activity that we would like you to complete. 


We’d like you to go on a scavenger hunt around your house today, you need to find an item that starts with each letter of the alphabet. That’s not the tricky part though, all of the items you find must be small enough to fit on a plate all together! Have fun and good luck 🙂


As always try and read for 5 to 10 minutes today and if you need any help or want to show us what you’ve been up to we’re available on Class Dojo and Facebook. 


Have fun and stay safe.

Mrs Joesbury and Mrs Etheridge