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Friday 1st May

Maths – Follow the following link

In the “Summer Term – Week 2 (W/C 27th April) - Lesson 5 – Friday Maths Challenge” section, watch the video. Then click on the “Get activity” link and complete the sheet. This can either be printed off or the answers written onto a separate sheet of paper. Click on the “Get answers” link to mark your work. Please send a photo of the finished (and marked) work.

If you want an extra challenge, feel free to pick an activity from the vast range on the nrich “Maths at Home” feature. Here is the link. For each activity, there is guidance, solutions and ways to make it easier/harder.


English – Follow the following link. Use the picture of “A Mysterious Shadow” and the story starter next to it to create a story.


Reading – 15 minutes of reading. Please send a photo of the reading or the reading record signed.


Enrichment – As we always do on a Friday, for your enrichment, I’m going to let you choose what you would like to do. This could be based off of the sessions we run at school, or an idea you may have with your family. In school, we normally offer cubs, sport, music/drama, computing, woodlands, animals and games. I look forward to seeing what you get up to!


Twinkl are having a Space Day today so feel free to check out some of the resources on the following link.