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Friday 15th January 2021

Good Morning All!


8:40 - 10:00 10:00 - 10:15 10:20 - 11:20 11:20 - 12:00 12:00 - 12:45 12:50 - 1:10 1:10 - 2:20 2:20 - 2:45


Google Classroom Meeting at 8:40 - 8:55



Google Classroom Meeting at 10:20 - 10:35

PE Lunch

Mr Oakley Reads Blitzed

Google Classroom Meeting at 12:50 - 1:05

Enrichment Reading for Pleasure


Our timetable for the day is above which will show you when each lesson will be. We will stick to these video times for the forseeable which should help you plan your day around this. 


There are 3 video lessons a day, there will be 15 minutes of input and then the rest of the time will be your own to go and do the activities.

Please send your work into me via Dojo, Google Classroom or email ( We will be marking this work and using it as proof of attendance for each day.


Google Classroom


Our video calls will be conducted via Google Classroom.

Therefore please see below the written steps from the video above.


  1. Go to on your web browser (ideally Chrome) - if you are using a tablet or phone, simply download the Google Meet app.
  2. Click on "Go To Classroom"
  3. Enter your child's username and password from the slips of paper in your packs
  4. Enter our Year 6 classroom by clicking on "6O".
  5. Finally click on 'Meet Link' at the top of the page and you will be put straight into our video calls - if it says the video hasn't been started, just keeping refreshing the page as it means I (as the teacher) haven't started the call yet but I will do by the alloted time slot!


Any questions, please message me - I am available all day on Dojo, Facebook Messenger, Google Classroom or the email address above.




Feel free to watch newsround each day to keep in touch with what is going on in the world.



Today we are going to remind ourselves about the Gelosian method for multiplication. The children are very well trained in this now so I just want to keep it fresh in their memories.


Below is a video of how to complete the method however I would hope that the children could remember it.

Gelosia multiplication method

Log in to Google Classroom and complete the worksheet on there. Do the working out in your book using the squared paper and then submit the answers on there to me. There is no need to send anything on Class Dojo then.



I'm going to go through some SPaG in our Google Classroom Meeting. Again, make sure you are logged in and ready to write by 10:20am as we will again only have 20 minutes of live video. You will need your plain exercise book ready with something to write with.


We will look at the subject and object of a sentence. We have briefly loked at this before and this is massively linked to the verb in the sentence! 


The subject of the sentence is the noun that is doing an action.


The object of the sentence is the noun that is having the action done to it.


For example, in this sentence below the boy is the subject as he is doing the action (kicking), and the ball is the object as it is having th action (kicking) done to it.

The boy kicked the ball.

Complete pages 22 & 23 in your CGP SPaG book. 


Once you have done that, write me 5 sentences to do with Christmas. Underline the subject and circle the objects of each sentence - hint, some sentences can have more than one object or subject!



Seeing as the forecast is wet for today, and as I received so many positive thoughts about last weeks lesson, I'm going to set you a few indoor challenges this week for your P.E. lesson. Follow the videos to complete the challenges and then complete the Yoga lesson to develop your strength fitness.

Home PE | Stork Balance Challenge

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Home PE | Star Jumps Challenge

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Home PE | Squat Thrust Challenge

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Yoga For The Classroom - Yoga With Adriene

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Reading with Mr O


Log back into Google Classroom for a live reading of our class reader "Blitzed" by Robert Swindells.


Make sure you are logged in by 12:50pm to ensure you don't miss any of the story!



For your enrichment session, feel free to play a game with our family or help them out with a few tasks around the house. No doubt this will make the weekend a little bit more relaxing for the whole family.


Below is a link to a Youtuber who specialises in drawing for children. I know many of you love completing drawings so feel free to give any of these a go!

Reading for Pleasure


Finally, lets sign off the day with 20 minutes of reading your school reader or a book that you are enjoying. Send a photo of your signed reading record through to me.


Well done for today everyone! See you bright and early at 8:40am on Google Meets! And don't forget to send all of your work through to me on Dojo, email or Google Classroom.


Have a good weekend all!