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Friday 15th January

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Word puzzle



Diary update

English Story writing






Mr Gilbey reads…


Google Classroom call @ 09.25



Google Classroom call @ 11.05




Google Classroom call @ 2.20




09.00 – 09.25

Word puzzle

Today, we are going to change our puzzle.

Instead of numbers, we are now going to look at letters.

Using only the letters below, how many words can you make?


Two rules…

  1. Each letter can only be used once for every word.
  2. You can only count words with three or more letters.


MY TOP TIP… Pick a letter and try to create as many words as possible that start with that letter. Then once you have done that, pick another letter to start your words with.




Give it a go and bring your words with you to the 9.25 video call.




09.25 – 10.15

Maths – Four Rule Operation

Google Classroom video call at 09.25am for the first 15 minutes.


We have made some fantastic progress on Statistics this week, so well done.

Today though, we return to Four Rules.



  • For adding and subtracting remember Layout layout layout!

Ensure you have your ones, tens and hundreds in order and lined up correctly for the two numbers.

  • When adding, sometimes you might need to exchange 10 ones for one ten. If this is the case, PLEASE don’t forget the extra ten when adding up that column.
  • When subtracting, “if it’s bigger on the floor…..”
  • For those multiplications you may not know from your times table knowledge, please use the array method.
  • When looking at division I would use the sharing method (draw the number of boxes then share the amount equally across them) for numbers under 35, whilst for numbers higher than that think about using the bus stop method.
  • Pay particular attention to the operation in the question – I’ve deliberately tried to catch you out!


Attached are 40 questions.

How many can you complete before the end of the lesson?

Just one more thing… I appreciate you want to get as many questions answered as possible but please try and keep your work neat and tidy.


10.40 – 11.05

English – diary of our home learning experience.

This will likely be the last entry I ask you to write as next week we will use this time for a new activity. Therefore please ensure this last entry has all the features we are looking for in a dairy entry…


  • It is written in the past tense (I walked, I ate)
  • It need to include emotions as well as facts (how did you feel about something, what did you enjoy the most yesterday).
  • Use different time connectives to link event (next, after that, then).
  • It is written in an informal style so please include a contracted word if possible (I’m, can’t, won’t)



11.05 – 12.00

English – Comprehension

KS2 English Comprehension Targeted Question Book

Pages 8 and 9

Bill’s New Frock

Google Classroom video call at 11.05am for the first 15 minutes.


Welcome to Comprehension Friday!

For today’s comprehension we are going to use the Comprehension book which was in the pack from November.

Please be sure to use BOOK 1 as you also have a BOOK 2.


 Before attempting the questions, let’s remind ourselves of our rules…


  • Read the text three times!
  • Remember to underline the key information.
  • Do not be afraid to move on if you cannot answer a question then you can return to it at the end.
  • Be sure to read the question carefully. If it asks for two things, give two answers.


This text only has 6 questions so you are under no time pressure in reading the text so take your time, and if it helps why not read it out loud either to yourself or your adult.


Then finally, I want you to set your own question on this text for someone else to answer.

You can write this question in your blue exercise book under the title of “Comprehension Extension Question – Bills New Frock”.




1.00pm – 1.20pm

Quiet Reading Time

Last chance this week for your quiet reading time.

I am seeing some amazing books being read on the below Oxford Owl web site so if you are reading one, be sure to send me a picture of it. Instructions below on how to access the site if you have not visited already…


  1. Go to
  2. Click on the My Class Login at the top of the page.
  3. Enter these details…

My class name                  agilbey

My class password             Password1

  1. You then select My eBooks
  2. Next select an appropriate age range from the top left.
  3. And choose your book to read!




1.20pm – 2.20pm



If we were in school today, we would have Enrichment this afternoon as a reward for all your hard work. You might not be in school, but you definitely still deserve it after all your wonderful efforts this week. Below are some ideas that you have enjoyed in previous weeks. However if you would rather do something, please do that.


Option 1 – How to Draw Mickey Mouse

The below link takes you to a video showing you how to draw Mickey Mouse. Like with the Celtic knot I would recommend you watch the video all the way through before even picking up a pencil. You can then start the video again and pause it at each step until you are ready to move on.

Or if you load the web page from the link beneath the video you will also see other Disney characters down the right side of the page that you can attempt if you prefer.

How To Draw Mickey Mouse

Option 2 – Mindfulness colouring

You have always enjoyed some mindfulness colouring so attached are some for you to print (if you have the facilities). One point to note, both attachments have a lot of pages so ensure you find the page you want to colour, and then print that single page off rather than the whole attachment.

Option 3 – Create your Own Dance / Fitness Routine

Some of you may have chosen to design your own dance routines during yesterday’s PE lesson. Well if you didn’t finish it, or you want to create a Joe Wicks style workout, why not do that during this time. I promise to attempt any workouts you create when we get back to school




2.20pm – 2.35pm

Mr Gilbey reads The World’s Worst Teacher…



I’m still in shock at Miss Spink’s terrible, evil plan to fine the children in her school for the litter SHE is dropping. Surely the children won’t stand for it. Or will they? Join us at 2.20pm today to find out.