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Monday: During the topic lessons today it will be more time given to researching your turkey information - I will send a picture over to those of you isolating so you have a record of what you were researching and what you have left to research. Please make sure you write your information down using words you understand and so that you have enough information to be able to write paragraphs under each subheading you have selected.



This afternoon (Monday 6th) the whole school will be watching the panto – most classes will have it streamed into their own classrooms and you guys will also be sent a link for you to login and watch it from home so get comfy, get the snacks ready and sit back and enjoy.



In History today the children in class will be learning about The House of Wisdom. This is a very important place in the Early Islamic Civilisation where many knowledgeable people came together to share their wisdom on lots of different topics. Have a read through the presentation below and watch the video to find out more about The House of Wisdom. Now you have lots of information about this very special place it’s time for you to complete your activity – the sheet is attached below – you will need to write down 5 reasons people should visit The House of Wisdom as this will make the basis of your 1 minute advert persuading people to go there.



Today we are going to look at a day in the life of a girl called Maria. You may recall in your last Spanish lesson you looked at your daily routine and what you did at certain times of the day – so now it’s time to work out what happens in Maria’s day. I’ve attached for you the words/phrases you will have seen in the previous lesson about your daily routine to help you try and understand Maria’s – if you can try and work out the times things happen in Maria’s day too.



During the RE lesson we will be continuing our conversation about why Mary was chosen to be Jesus’ mother. Take a look at the sheet attached below – remember we discussed the first two questions in the last lesson. I would like you to answer the final three at the bottom of the page please. Think about the reasons we discussed in the previous lesson and the colours and images you studied with Mrs Price the week before that too.


During today’s Science lesson we will be looking at the scientists that made the discoveries that lead to evolution and variation being a topic that is highly spoken of nowadays. Read through the presentation to learn more about Carl Linneaus and then continue your research into Charles Darwin who wrote a very famous book about how species evolved over time and the reasons why these changes happen.



We are starting the day with computing today – you might remember the last lesson where we started to create our own spreadsheets based on the trips and finding the distance between school and where the classes were going. Take a look at the video below on Oak National Academy and if you can open up the spreadsheet and have a go at using the formula to find out how much each trip would cost using the petrol cost per mile and the distance from school in miles.


Computing Lesson Video


This afternoon in DT we are going to start looking at our latest topic of Fairground Rides, this will lead us into making our own fairground rides in small groups. Using a piece of paper can you draw for me your favourite fairground ride that you’ve seen or even been on – why was this one your favourite? Can you think about how it worked? Did it need certain mechanisms to move parts of it? Label on your drawing how you think it moves.
Once you’ve done this take a look at the fairground ride on the second page – how do you think this is made? What materials have been used? If you were to make a model version what would you use?