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PSHE: This morning we will be discussing something important that is taking part on Friday in school - their are interviews for a new member of staff taking place, this new member of staff will become Deputy Head - a job that will require this staff member to work closely with both adults and children in school and as part of their interview process on Friday they will be asked questions by the Student Leadership Team. Now it's over to you to create some questions that you would like the Student Leadership Team to ask the candidates. Think carefully about what qualities you would like from a new member of staff or what you would like to know about them. Fire over your questions on Class Dojo - they may get added to the list. 

History: This morning in History you will be learning about the trade and power through the Early Islamic Civilisation. Have a read through the presentation and find out about the countries that were part of the trade network and how it contributed to the power that Baghdad gained as it became the largest city in the world. In the presentation there are activities for you to complete, the worksheets are attached below for you too.

Spanish: You've all been doing so well with learning to tell the time in Spanish - today's session focuses on talking about your daily routine. Read through the presentation below to learn about the different parts of your daily routine. Once you have done this try adding in the time to when you do the aspects of your routine. When you have worked on your pronunciation with the daily routine, take a look at the worksheet and match up the picture to the Spanish vocabulary.