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PSHE: As it's Anti-Bullying Week this week I thought you should spend some time on what it is to be kind as the theme for this year is 'One Kind Word'. Take a look through the presentation below and have a go at the worksheet attached - think about those kind words that you use and that you have heard in the past, think about how much it puts a smile on someone's face to be told some kind words. 


Spanish: Over the last couple of weeks you have been learning about how to tell the time in Spanish. Take a look over the presentation and practice your pronunciations- research and make notes if you need to to remind yourself of o'clock, half past, quarter past, midnight and midday. This week we are moving on to the minutes to the hour. 


Read through Time Lesson 3 presentation for these new times and then have a go at completing the time worksheet using what you have just learnt. 

History: This week in History you are going to be making comparisons between the Early Islamic Civilisation and the Anglo-Saxons. Remember last week we discovered that at the same time the Anglo-Saxons were in Britain, the Golden Age was beginning in the Early Islamic Civilisation. 


Take a look at the pictures below of Baghdad - this was the centre of the Islamic Civilisation - why do you think it was round? What purpose did that serve?



Take a look at the video below - make notes on what you discover is happening in Baghdad during the Early Islamic Civilisation - you'll discover how ahead of Britain they were. Once you have watched the video click on the link below it and here you will find information about what the Anglo-Saxons were doing in Britain at the same time. Again, make notes about what was happening in Britain. 


Once you've made your notes, write a paragraph about what civilisation you would rather be a part of and why. Use your notes to back up your reasons why. 

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RE: During the lesson today you are going to explore the reasons as to why Mary was chosen by God to be the Mother of Jesus. Take a look at the images of Mary below that have been created by different artists. Select three of these images and write about why you think these pictures show Mary as the perfect choice to be the Mother of Jesus. You might think about what is being shown in the picture – is she helping someone? Does this show her caring, motherly side? Are the colours representative of the person Mary was? White shows purity and red can represent love. Why do you think the pictures you have chosen show that Mary was the best choice.



Once you have written about what you think shows Mary to be the right choice as the Mother of Jesus have a read of the Bible verse below and answer the following questions:

1. What was Mary’s first reaction?

2. Why do you think she was scared?

Science: Continuing with our new topic of Evolution and Inheritance this week you are going to be learning about how different plants and animals have adapted to best suit their environment in which they live. As you work through the slides that I’ve attached below, have a think about how different animals have adapted over time – some animals have developed longer beaks to be able to get the best food possible, some have developed translucent fur to help them survive in their environment etc. Complete the worksheet below based on one of the Environment Posters you have access to underneath this – choose one of the environments and research the organisms that live in that environment – how have they adapted to be able to survive there?

Computing: It is time to move on to our new topic in Computing this week, we are going to learn about Spreadsheets and what they do. Take a look at the Oak National Academy video and follow the instructions you are given related to the worksheet that is also attached below.

Art: Time to start getting into the Christmas spirit – yes, I know it’s still November! For this session have a look at the silhouettes below. Think about the outline being the key part that shows exactly what is being shown – the parts that have been cut out in the middle add to these images and give that bit of extra detail. Have a go at drawing (in pencil) a silhouette of something related to Christmas. Remember if you put too much detail in the middle it’s going to make it very difficult to cut out. You don’t need to add in any extra colour or drawing of eyes etc because this wouldn’t show in the silhouette. Send over your silhouettes to me on Class Dojo – take your time with the cutting out at this is the part that shows the detail of the image.


Enrichment: I know how much you all enjoyed the ‘How to Draw’ videos when you were learning from home before so I’ve attached a couple of videos for you to have a go at. See if you can guess the theme that I’d like to use for our classroom for Christmas…

How To Draw Zero From Nightmare Before Christmas.mp4

Still image for this video