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Forest Schools & Choosing Time

After working your little socks off this morning, this afternoon is time for some child initiated activities. 


As many of us are isolating, exploring the great outdoors and going for a walk for our daily exercise is not currently possible. If you were not in school on Monday, and not isolating for any other reason, then this afternoon might be a good opportunity to get some fresh air and stretch your legs. If you do go for a walk, can you spot any signs of winter? What are they?


If you are isolating but have access to a garden at home then you might like to get your forest schools hat on and get outside. The fat bottomed dragon in the woods has only gone and sat on the fairy houses at school and wrecked them! The fairies need new homes, can you help to make them a new one in your garden? Or maybe you would like to build a den or an obstacle course.


If you stay indoors this afternoon, I'm sure there are things you have in mind you want to play with. If you would like some other ideas for choosing activities, why not try....


  • Having a go at making your own finger or sock puppet. Will it be a person or an animal? Can you think of a name for your puppet? Is it a boy or a girl? 
  • Go on a colour hunt around the house. Can you find something that is orange? Brown? Red? Yellow? Green? Black? Grey? Blue?
  • Float or sink? Ask your adult to help you with this activity. Collect lots of different objects from around the house and find a big bowl or bucket. Half fill your bucket or bowl. Now time to see if the objects you have found float or sink! In our Power Maths lessons before Christmas we had been practising sorting, so don't forget to sort them into 2 piles as you go.
  • Make your own playdough! - Unfortunately, due to covid, we have not been using playdough in Reception recently. Playdough is so much fun though. Why not have a go at making some of your own today? 


Whatever you get up to, I'd love to hear all about it and see what you do. Keep those photos coming on Class Dojo.


Most importantly though, have fun!