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Forest Schools & Choosing Time

After working hard all morning, now it is time for some choosing activities! Take your pick from the list below or take part in any of your own choosing activities at home. Whatever you do, most importantly, have fun!


Forest Schools:

  • In our story today, Percy the park keeper had many woodland animals knocking on his door. If it is safe for you to go outside today, or if you go on a walk, look for any signs of animal tracks in the mud or remaining snow. Can you work out which animals footprints they are?


Indoor Choosing Activities:

  • Percy made himself a nice hot chocolate in our story today. How about making a yummy hot chocolate with an adult today and then snuggling up to watch your favourite film or TV show?
  • The story today was set in winter and it was very snowy indeed. We have had snow here too recently but as the snow is melting now, how about you fill your home with snow instead by making some paper snowflakes!




  • If you have any white paint at home, you might like to make some snowflakes using white paint and a fork.