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Forest Schools & Choosing Time

You always work your socks off each morning and the afternoon is a time for you to do some activities of your choice. Take your pick from the ideas below, play with your own toys and games at home, or get out and make the most the snow before it melts away.


Forest Schools:

  • Wrap up warm and get outside, if it is safe to do so. Are you going to make another snowman? Maybe a snow animal this time? Have a snowball fight, build an igloo or go sledging?


Indoor Choosing Activities:

  • Draw or paint a picture of yourself and tell someone what makes you special, just like Humphrey in our story.
  • Handprints and fingerprints are unique, just like you all are. How about doing some finger painting or making hand prints today?
  • Play a board game with someone in your house, let me know who wins!
  • I love jigsaws! If you have any jigsaws at home, have a go at completing one.