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Forest Schools & Choosing Time

A SNOWY IDEA: Get those wellies on and go and make a snowman! Or maybe you could make a snow Gruffalo or the Gruffalo's child from snow? I can't wait to see your photos of fun in the snow!


During story time today, we read ‘The Gruffalo’s Child’. Below I have suggested some activities that are linked to this story. Feel free to take your pick from an activity below, play with your toys and games at home or get out in the snow and have fun! Whatever you do, enjoy!


Forest Schools:

I saw some wonderful log pile houses for snake last time. If you didn’t get chance to make one and you are able to go outside safely today, why not try this activity out. Alternatively, you might like to have a go at making a treetop house for owl, an underground house for fox or a cave for the Gruffalo and his child.



Indoor Choosing Activities:

  • Last time some of you chose to make Gruffalo paper plate faces of the Gruffalo himself, owl, snake, fox and other characters from the story. If you did this, how about retelling the story of the Gruffalo or the Gruffalo’s child using your faces/puppets.
  • If you didn’t get chance to try out any of the Gruffalo recipes but would like to today, pop back onto our home learning page from Friday 8th January and get baking!
  • In our story today, the shadow of the mouse frightened the Gruffalo’s child. Can you make animal shadow puppets using your hands?