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Forest Schools & Choosing Time

Take your pick from the activities below or alternatively, choose one of your lovely toys or games from home to play with. Have a great afternoon!


Forest School Ideas:

  • It’s looking like rain. Perfect weather for making mud pies. Can you cook up a mud pie for the fat bottomed dragon in our woods? He’s getting rather hungry! Or maybe some little mud pie fairy cakes for the fairies in our fairy village. Get those arms moving in big and small circles as you mix and make mud pies this afternoon and strengthen those muscles.


Indoor Choosing Activity Ideas:

  • You might like to have a tea party for some of you toys this afternoon. How many toys will you choose? What are their names? What will you have to eat? How many cups will you need? How many plates? Who will do the washing up when you have finished?

  • Use paper from your recycling to scrunch up lots of balls of paper. As a challenge, hold one hand behind your back and scrunch the paper using one hand only. This is much harder but will help to strengthen the muscles in your fingers and hands ready for writing. Once you have scrunched them up, stand back and try to throw them into a box or bucket. How many can you get in? Have a competition with someone in the house. Who can score the most points?

  • Make someone smile. Yesterday some of you drew some lovely pictures for your friends. If you would like to draw a picture, paint a picture, write a little message to one, two, three or more friends, or for your whole class, you can send me a photo of what you have made for them and I will pass these photos onto them. I’m sure it will make them smile.