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Forest Schools & Choosing Time

You might like to choose from one of the activities below or alternatively, I am sure you have lovely toys and games at home you would like to play with too. Whatever you do, have fun J.


Forest School Ideas:

  • Build a den.  What will you use to make it? Is it stable? How many people can you fit inside?


Indoor Choosing Activity Ideas:

  • Make someone smile. If you would like to draw a picture, paint a picture, write a little message to one, two, three or more friends, or for your whole class, you can send me a photo of what you have made for them and I will pass these photos onto them. I’m sure it will make them smile. 
  • Collect a range of different sized objects and see if you can move them from one basket to another using kitchen tongs. If you want a challenge, try doing this by only using one hand.
  • Make some paper aeroplanes. Stand back and throw! How far can you throw them? Have a competition with someone you live with. Let me know who wins!