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Forest Schools & Choosing Time

As we have read the Gruffalo story today in story time, I thought you might like some Gruffalo themed activities and ideas for this afternoon.


Forest Schools:

If you have access to a garden, or are not isolating and are going for your daily exercise this afternoon, have a look out for Gruffalo tracks! You might want to collect some sticks and see if you can build a log pile house for snake.



Indoor Choosing Activities:

  • Get your chef hat on and make your very own Gruffalo crumble or Gruffalo cupcakes (recipe ideas can be found in the links at the bottom of the page).



  • Make Gruffalo or animal tracks with sponges or potatoes (take care using scissors or knives – make sure you ask an adult to help).



  • If you have any paper plates in the house, how about making some of the characters (these are the people or animals in the book) from the story. You might like to make the Gruffalo, snake, owl or fox.



  • Or how about making a paper chain snake instead?



  • Fancy doing some yoga? Join Becky at Little Yoga Stars for some Gruffalo yoga.

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