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Forest Schools & Choosing Time

It has been great this week to see you all taking time to talk, time to think, being creative, moving and listening and going outside to look after your mental health and well-being. Below are further ideas for all of the above should you wish to choose one or more to complete. This is your choosing time though and if you want to take time to play with your games and toys at home instead, then that is absolutely fine. Have a super afternoon!


Time to Talk – What has made you happy this week? Is that something you could do more often to help you feel good?



Get Thinking – What is your biggest achievement? What are you proud of? Is it getting a certificate from school or learning to ride a bike? Can you set yourself a goal/target to work towards for tomorrow. Setting smalls goals for ourselves each day can help us to feel a great sense of achievement. If you are very close to learning to write your name it might be to write this without an adult. Or maybe your task tomorrow will be to read a new red word (e.g. I or the) What will your goal be?



Create – Splatter some paint in colours that show your emotions (make sure you check with an adult and use an apron though)! I might splat yellow paint if I'm feeling happy as it reminds me of sunshine and smiley faces or I might splat red if I am feeling cross or angry. How are you feeling today? Which colours will you use? 



Move and Listen – Pick a Cosmic Yoga video from YouTube and stretch out those tired muscles. Breathe deeply and have fun! 



Go Outside – It rained last night and my forecast says we might have more rain this afternoon. Get your wellies on and go and jump in some puddles! How does it make you feel?