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Forest Schools & Choosing Time

Let’s continue to take time to talk, time to think, be creative, move and listen and go outside in order to support our mental health and well-being. Below are ideas for all of the above should you wish to choose one or more to complete. As always though, this is your choosing time and if you want to take time to play with your games and toys at home instead, then that is absolutely fine. Whatever you do, have fun!


Time to Talk – How do you feel today? What has made you feel this way? 



Get Thinking – How will you be kind today? Acts of kindness are always a great idea for our own and others mental health. By doing kind things we can help ourselves and others to feel better. Try to think of a way in which you can be kind today. Tidying your room or your toys away for an adult at home, helping them to cook the tea, drawing or painting a picture to make someone smile or doing something as simple as giving someone at home a hug can make all the difference.   



Create – Can you create your dream house out of Lego, blocks or other construction materials? Who would live in your house? Where would it be? What are all your favourite things that you would put in it?



Move and Listen – Be a dance teacher! I can think of many of you in class who love to make your own dance routines up and will enjoy this challenge. Put some music on and make a dance routine. Can you teach your moves to someone else in your house?



Go Outside – Go for a walk (if you are not isolating and able to do so) and make a journey stick. See the instructions below.