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Forest Schools & Choosing Time

As I mentioned yesterday, taking time to talk, time to think, being creative, moving and listening and going outside, are all ways in which we can look after our mental health. This week I will offer ideas for all of the above should you wish to choose one or more to complete. As always though, this is your choosing time and if you want to take time to play with your games and times at home instead then that is absolutely fine. Just make sure that whatever you do, you have fun!


Time to Talk – What’s on your mind? Talk about the things that worry you or that you feel unsure about. It can really help to talk things through just like we found out in our story yesterday with Snow White and the very angry dwarf! Talking about things helped the angry dwarf to feel better.



Get Thinking – How do you let off steam? Think about what you do when you’re feeling sad or angry. What helps you to feel better? What other ideas could you try? Snow White told the angry dwarf in our story yesterday to – take a deep breath, count to 10, go outside and collect firewood. What do you do when you feel sad, cross or angry?



Create – Take your pen or pencil for a walk around your paper without taking it off. What shapes can you see when you have finished?



Move and Listen – Sing along to a song you like. How do you feel when you sing? Can you add some movement and actions to your song?



Go Outside – If it is safe to do so, go for a walk around your garden or local area. Whilst outside, collect some items along the way that you like. It might be sticks or leaves or whatever takes your fancy. Can you create a nice picture with them?