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Forest Schools & Choosing Time

Taking time to talk, time to think, being creative, moving and listening and going outside, are all ways in which we can look after our mental health. This week I will offer ideas for all of the above should you wish to choose one or more to complete. As always though, this is your choosing time and if you want to take time to play with your games and toys at home instead, then that is absolutely fine. Whatever you would like to do to make you happy, feel relaxed and have fun!


Time to Talk - share some happiness. Take some time to turn off all devices and talk. Share the best bits of your day so far, or maybe the weekend just gone, or your favourite memories. 



Get Thinking – what makes you feel happy/sad/angry/excited? How do you show these different emotions? Track your emotions - draw an emoji a day to express how you are feeling.



Create – Friday is ‘Dress to Express’ day. A day in which you can wear whatever clothes you would like – a superhero costume, princess dress, your posh frock, sports clothes, bright clothes, spotty clothes, sparkly clothes – however you wish to express yourself. Why not decorate something you already own or make a hat or accessory to express yourself! Use your favourite patterns, colours and shapes!



Move and Listen – Get those favourite songs back on from this morning and have a dance around your house!



Go Outside – If it is safe to do so, get outside and go for a walk. Take time to listen to the sounds around you. What can you hear? Birds singing? Trees blowing in the wind? If you are isolating and cannot go for a walk at the moment but have a garden at home, you might like to take some time to sit in your garden and see what you can hear. If not, how about watching the birds from your window, this is something I love to do and makes me feel calm and relaxed.