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Forest Schools & Choosing Time

Time for some Forest Schools activities or choosing time. 


Forest Schools:

We finished our story of Stick Man today during story time today. Why not have a go at making your own Stick Man, Stick Lady Love or the three Stick Children this afternoon. If you have access to a back garden, or are not isolating and able to go for a local walk for daily exercise, have a good look round for some sticks and see if you can make your very own Stick family.



Indoor Choosing Activities:


  • If you want to make a Stick Man or Stick family but are not able to get outside, do not worry. Grab an empty kitchen roll or toilet roll and get creative. 


  • Paint or draw a picture. It might be of your family. Stick Man had 5 people in his family tree. How many are in yours?
  • Some of you chose to make sock puppets yesterday and they looked brilliant. Maybe this afternoon you would like to put on a puppet show for your family using the sock puppets you have made.
  • I know a few of you made playdough yesterday so how about having a playdough disco in your house this afternoon. Below are some links to playdough disco videos that show you how to poke, splat, prod, roll, squeeze and pinch that playdough and strengthen your fingers for writing. I love this activity, I hope you do too. 


Whatever you decide, I'd love to hear all about it and see what you do. Keep those photos coming. Have a great afternoon! laugh

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