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After reading more of Holes yesterday I have attached the pages you have missed - please read through them so you can keep up with where we are in class. There are Chapters 4-7 to have a read of. Over the next couple of weeks we are going to work on creating a non-chronological report about yellow spotted lizards. 


Today, once you've read the chapters I would like you to read through the Elephant example text and find as many features in the text that you can - either write down subheadings in your book and jot down the examples you find or if you can print them you can use different colours to highlight them.




During today's lesson we are going to focus on creating a narrative description on coming across the yellow spotted lizard from our book, Holes. Take a look at the images of lizards below and answer the questions - think carefully about how you would describe them, how they would move, their expression and physical features like eyes and their body. 



Once you've thought about your answers to these can you write the descriptions of the appearance on one half of your page and on the other half can you describe their behaviour - take a look at the image below to help with your layout. 



Now you've got your descriptive ideas written down it's time to have a look at how all those ideas can be included in a narrative description. Read the Rattlesnake example text that is attached below and think about what features they have mentioned about their appearance and their behaviour. Once you have read this, put yourself into Stanley's shoes and write about coming across a yellow spotted lizard in the desert for the first time. Really focus on including all the appearances and behavioural characteristics you have listed.