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Monday: In Science this week you will be learning about the different scientists that played a big part in recognising evolution and the changes that different species have gone through the years in order to survive. Spend some time reading about Charles Darwin today – he is one of these key scientists. See what you can find out about what he thought about evolution and answer the questions related to the text. Again, if you can find your lockdown blue book you can write your answers in there.

Tuesday: Today in class the children will be answering lots of different questions about punctuation and grammar along with completing a spelling test. For you could you please take a look through the 10 questions on the quiz to challenge your SPaG knowledge – once you have completed the questions take a look at the answer sheet and mark your work honestly. If you have a few errors don’t worry, nobody’s perfect. Spend some time on BBC Bitesize looking at the areas you made your errors in.

Wednesday: Today we are going to start writing our information texts about Turkeys. I will send over a photo on Class Dojo of you research that you have done so far. Remember you will need an introduction that explains why you are writing about Turkeys and then your three subheadings that you chose along with a conclusion at the end that summarises your text. Think about including humour in your introduction and make sure you are using scientific vocabulary to show off what you have learnt about the turkeys.

Thursday: We are continuing writing our turkey information pieces today, if you could continue writing yours but think about your presentation and how you are giving your reader the information. Take into account that lifecycle or anatomy could perhaps be presented in a circular form or with an image to identify the different key features of a turkey and the purpose of these features.