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Monday: During today's lesson we will be making predictions about the new book we will be reading. Take a look at the images of the book covers below - for each cover make a prediction using the clues you find in the images used. What do you think the book is about and what clue tells you this? Once you have made a prediction for each of the covers then take a read of the small blurb and think about how this changes your predictions based on the covers.



Tuesday: During this lesson you will need to use your inference skills along with your drawing skills.

First of all I would like you to use your imagination - the main character, Stanley, is at a place called Camp Green Lake. Using the name of the camp can you draw what you think the camp would look like. 


Now you've drawn your first interpretation have a read of the first chapter of 'Holes', this is attached below. Take your time to read through the information a couple of times and find clues in the text that give you details about what Camp Green Lake is really like. Once you've found all the clues you can draw a new version of what you think Camp Green Lake is like now. I'm looking forward to seeing how your idea of the setting changes before and after Chapter One.