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Today’s English lesson is taking place on Zoom - if you are not able to take part, look to the link below for details of what to do! 
Zoom information will be sent out this morning.

What type of sentences are each of these?


  1. Do not go into Mr McGregor's garden.
  2. Mrs Rabbit had four little rabbits.
  3. Why do you think Peter didn't follow the rules?
  4. What a naughty rabbit you are, Peter Rabbit!
  5. Where is the best place to pick blackberries?
  6. One of Peter's sisters is called Flopsy.
  7. Put your coats on.
  8. How I love to read Beatrix Potter books!

Stay with us, Peter Rabbit!

Imagine that Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton-Tail could see Peter trying to slip off to Mr McGregor's Garden. What might they say to Peter to persuade him to stay with them?

Write a paragraph of persuasion, using words and phrases from the word bank. 


If you would like an extra challenge, try to use 3 command sentences in your writing!