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Reread the story of The Elves and the Shoemaker.

Pepper wants to test your reading of the story! Can you answer her questions? 


1. What kind of person was the shoemaker?


2. Can you describe us three elves?


3. The shoemaker lives in a house with a workshop and a shop. Can you draw it?


4. At the beginning of the story, why was the shoemaker poor?


5. After his supper of bread and jam, the shoemaker goes to his workshop. Which words show you that he is feeling sad?


6. Can you draw the scene when the elves first hear the shoemaker and his wife talking in the workshop? Where are we?


7. One night, the shoemaker and his wife ate a hearty supper. What do you think they ate?


8. After we elves had finished helping the shoemaker, we helped lots of other people. Who else do you think we may have helped?


9. We elves are very good at making things. What are you good at?