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Reread The Magic Box!

Now, using Kit Wright’s starter line, ‘I will put in the box,’ organise your nine ideas into three verses - 3 items per verse. Think about using adjectives to describe your items!
 Here is mine:

I will put in the box

Four fluffy cats each with a tiny cold nose

A slow-moving sloth with long strong toes

The rough skinned juiciness of a pear.

I will put in the box

The rattle of my sewing machine stitching up a storm

The ‘ting’ of a teaspoon stirring my brew

The adventures hidden inside my books.


I will put in the box

The sound of my family laughing out loud

The crunch of the pebbles on my favourite beach

The soft warm hug from my best pyjamas.



I am so excited to see what you come up with!