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As we continue working on our Gadgets project it's time to design your own gadget and prepare for advertising using our model persuasive text. 


Monday: Today is the day to come up with your new invention - use the headings below to pop in the information about your new gadget. Think about who is going to use it, its purpose, what its key features are, additional bonus extras and any quotations from well-known individuals to promote your new gadget.



Once you have done this you're ready for Tuesday's lesson...


Tuesday: It's time to draw your newly imagined gadget and annotate it with all its design features, materials it is made from and where the different elements are stored. Take time drawing your gadget - make sure your drawing and annotations fill an A4 piece of paper. 



Wednesday:Time to plan your advertisement and make it persuasive for whoever you've designed it for. Remember all the features we have looked at in class. I've attached the model text that we have looked at so you can refresh your memories on the structure of the advert. Once you've had another look through this take your time to add your ideas about your new gadget onto the planning sheet.


Thursday: Today's the time to write your persuasive advert about your new gadget - before you do talk it through with someone else at home to make sure your ideas make sense and if there's anything else they think you could add to it. 



As you start writing make sure you have a copy of the model gadget text in front of you so you can refer to the structure that has been used along with the types of vocabulary that have been used in each paragraph to add extra information and make the advert persuasive. 


Friday: Come back to your writing and check it over - Did you include all the ideas from your planning sheet? Is it the most persuasive piece you can write?


Have a go at editing and improving the example text below before you have another look at your own: