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Are you nosy? Do you like secrets? Have you ever done something that you’ve been warned not to, just to find out a secret? All through time there have been stories about people being told not to open doors, cupboards, gates and all sorts of other things, and in many of the stories the people just didn’t listen. One person who did not listen is Pandora. Her story is from Ancient Greece, where her nosiness changed the world forever!

The Myth of Pandora’s Box

Not hundreds but thousands of years ago, in ancient Greece, there lived two brothers called Epimetheus and Prometheus. Although they lived in a world where the gods were in charge, they liked nothing more than to annoy the gods. One day, Zeus, a particularly powerful god, decided to teach them a lesson.

Zeus ordered the gods to create a beautiful woman. Her name was Pandora and she was to marry Epimetheus. As a wedding present, Zeus gave Pandora a beautiful box but there was one special condition, she was never to open it!

All day Pandora’s husband Epimetheus was out working. All day all she could think about was what was in the box. Pandora could not understand why Zeus would give her a box that she could not open. It made no sense to her. Pandora was bored and lonely and her curiosity became unbearable.

Today’s challenge!

Think about what the box may look like. Will it be very beautifully decorated? Will it be very simple? Will it have jewels? Will it look new or old?

Your challenge for today is to show me what you think Pandora’s Box would look like. You could draw it, make it, use technology to show it, or write a description!