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Easter Ideas

Hello Everyone,


The Easter holidays are here and it is time for a well earned rest from all the hard work and home learning you have been doing.  


I have included a few links if for activities that you may want to do over the Easter holiday.  Remember these are only suggestions and I am sure that you have got plenty of your own excellent ideas too.  The home learning from the past two weeks will still be available so that can be revisited if you wish.  You may want to see some of the stories again, sing some of the songs or follow some of the links to the websites that have been included. 


I have included a link to a story 'Our World Needs a Clean', which may help you answer any questions that children may be asking about the situation at the moment.  It is only a short story and I would suggest reading it first before sharing it with your child just to make sure you are happy with the message it contains.  


I hope you have a lovely break and I will be back after the holiday.


Kind Regards,


Mr Leese