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Badges and Awards

Badges and Awards 1 Badges and Awards
Badges and Awards 2 Staged Activity Badges
Badges and Awards 3 Moving on Awards
Badges and Awards 4 Joining in / Challenge Awards
Badges and Awards 5 Activity Badges


We had ten Cubs invested this afternoon and many more presented with badges.

Thanks to Darrell for coming to present the children with all their badges.


Semaphore 1 Anyone for a spot of semaphore fun?

Remembrance Day

Thank you to the Cubs who joined us for the Remembrance service at Moxley Cenotaph.

Bonfire and Firework Display

A great night on Friday with Cubs at the bonfire and firework party!

Egg Parachutes

A fantastic afternoon with Cubs planning, making and testing their egg parachutes!

Remembrance Day parade

Remembrance Day parade 1
Remembrance Day parade 2
Remembrance Day parade 3
Remembrance Day parade 4

Thank you to all parents and Cubs that came along to the Remembrance Day parade.