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Class Awards


Friday 9th July

Head of School's AwardKaige H
WriterEmilia P
 Madison S
PE AwardMadison S

Friday 2nd July

Head of School's AwardAmelia D
WriterCallum B
MathematicianMadison S
PE AwardAmelia P

Friday 25th June

Head of School's AwardAmelia H
WriterOlivia-Belle C
MathematicianAlfie M
PE AwardCaiden


Friday 18th June

Head of School's AwardLucy-Jo Jones
WriterMcKenzie-Summer Attwell-Wootton
MathematicianShyla-Mae Silvester

Friday 11th June

Head of School's AwardDavid Hall
WriterLayton Holliday
MathematicianCole Guttridge

Friday 28th May

Head of School's AwardOlivia-May Beck
WriterHallie Turner
MathematicianSahib Chohan

Friday 21th May

Head of School's AwardMcKenzie Summer Attwell-Wootton
WriterElisha Copeland
MathematicianOllie-Jai Campbell

Friday 14th May

Head of School's AwardRoman Brown
WriterPhilipa-Marie Wood
MathematicianJoseph Sleigh

Friday 6th May

Head of School's AwardMadison Steele
WriterLayton Holiday
MathematicianAmelia Dicken

Friday 30th April

Head of School's AwardJake Thomas
WriterOlivia-May Beck
MathematicianMargaret Doran

Friday 23rd April

Head of School's AwardKyle Mulinder
WriterCaiden F
MathematicianTristan Jones

Friday 26th March

Head of School's AwardAvneet Kaur - For her tremendous attitude and her role model-like behaviour.
WriterEmilia Podolak
MathematicianAmelia Hicklin

Friday 19th March

Head of School's Award Elisha Copeland - For his fantastic focus in lessons resulting in some tremendous learning.
Writer Kaige Hale
Mathematician Tayo Russell

Friday 12th March

Head of School's Award Hallie Turner - For her amazing attitude to her learning since returning to school and being a kind, caring classmate.
Writer Evie Turner-Bowen
Mathematician Rosie Severn

Friday 20th November

Head of School's Award Joseph Sleigh - For going above and beyond in the tasks set during remote learning.
Writer Callum Baggott
Mathematician Cole Gutteridge

Friday 20th November

Head of School's Award Whole class - For their amazing attitude towards remote learning.
Writer Kyle Mulinder
Mathematician Avneet Kaur

Friday 13th November

Head of School's Award Tayo Russell - For his participation and team work in lessons.
Writer Max Taylor
Mathematician Caiden Fellows

Friday 6th November

Head of School's Award Emilia Podolak - For renewed attention and focus upon her return to school
Writer Roman Brown
Mathematician Olivia-May Beck

Friday 16th October

Head of School's Award Amelia H - For her trememndus work both individually and as part of a team.
Writer Ollie-Jai Campbell
Mathematician Kaige Hale


Friday 9th October

Head of School's Award Alfie Morton - For his famstastic focus in lessons.
Writer Madison Steele
Mathematician Olivia-Belle Carter


Friday 2nd October

Head of School's Award Tristan Jone- for his fantastic attitude to his work at school and at home.
Writer Jake Thomas
Mathematician Callum Baggot


Friday 25th September

Head of School's Award Margaret Doran - For impressing adults with her attitude to learning
Writer Avneet Kaur
Mathematician Elisha Copeland




Friday 18th September

Head of School's Award Layton Holiday - For starting the year with a fanstastic attitude in lessons 
Writer Lucy-Jo Jones
Mathematician Amelia Pearce

Friday 11th September

Head of School's Award Sahib C. - For his amazing attitude to learning both in school and at home.
Writer Rose S.
Mathematician Kyle M.