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Choosing Time

As today is Wellbeing Wednesday I have suggested lots of choosing time activities that do not involve any screen time. Take your pick, or choose another lovely idea of your own, and have fun!


  • Personal, Social & Emotional Development – Breathing Exercises. Learn some simple techniques to help regulate breathing. Balloon breaths are a good one - place your hands near your lips, as if you are going to blow up a balloon. Inhale deeply and on the exhale (through your mouth) expand your hands outwards, as if you are blowing up a giant balloon.


  • Communication & Language – Sound Walk! Go for a walk or sit in the garden. What different things can you hear? Can you write a list (words or pictures) of all the different things you can hear? What makes the noise? Discuss this with an adult.


  • Physical Development – Obstacle Course. I know you love this one! Set up an obstacle course in your garden or a room with some space. Use everyday items such as:

· Pillows to jump over.

· Chairs to crawl under

· A book to balance on your head whilst quick walking

· Large clothes to put on

· A hoop to jump in and out of (use string if you don’t have a hoop)



  • Literacy – Treasure Map. Create a treasure map using paper and felt tip pens. Rip the edges to make it look authentic. Can you draw different items, places or landmarks on your map? Then have a go at labelling them.


  • Maths – Measuring Sticks. Go into the garden, to the park or for a walk and collect a range of sticks of different sizes. Can you order them according to their size? How many sticks did you collect altogether? Can you count them all? Lay them out in a row to help you. Then choose one stick and use it to measure the different members of your family.



  • Understanding the World – Grow a Rainbow. Fold a piece of kitchen roll in half or cut it into the shape of a rainbow. Using washable felt pens, colour both ends in blocks (symmetrically). Next get 2 cups of water and submerge each end into the cups. Watch your rainbow grow.



  • Expressive Arts & Design – Clap ClapLearn some classic clapping games such as pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake. Can you remember the different clapping actions to accompany the song? Think of some of your favourite nursery rhymes or songs. Can you make up a clapping song to go with it and develop your rhythm and coordination?