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Choosing Time

Below are some suggested choosing time activities that cover all areas of the Early Years curriculum. Take your pick from the ideas below or play with your own fabulous games and toys at home. Most importantly, have a fun afternoon! 


  • Personal, Social & Emotional Development – Video call family or friends. Keep in touch with loved ones by surprising them with a face-to-face video call.



  • Communication & Language – What am I? Draw pictures of animals and different people (e.g. pirate, baby, queen, policeman) on small pieces of card. Take turns to pick a card and have a go at acting it out for others to guess what or who you are. Try to do it with no words or noises to begin with, but if nobody can guess correctly – add in some verbal clues.


  • Physical Development – Ribbon Dancing. Use some ribbons or cut old material or tissues into strips. Twirl them as you move and dance around to music! Make sure you combine different movements. Twist and turn. Jump and leap. Crouch down low and stretch up high.



  • Literacy – Active Words. Write some letters on the path or patio with chalk or alternatively on pieces of paper and place them on your floor in a room with some space. Can you jump, hop or skip to each letter whilst shouting it out? Try to make some 3 letter words by moving between them in the correct order, as you say each sound and then blend them together to make a word. Is it a real word or not?


  • Maths – Baking. Help to make a healthy snack such as flapjacks or a sweet treat such as scones. Make sure you help with weighing and measuring the ingredients. Read the numbers and units on jugs, scales and measuring spoons. Some simple kids baking recipes can be found in the link below.


  • Understanding the World – Push the Button. Learn how to use different technology (old and new) around the house, with the help of a grown-up. Can you use a…

· Remote Control

· Music player (CD, Radio)

· Alexa

· Torch

· Video game

· Microwave

· iPad


  • Expressive Arts & Design – Cardboard CastlesCollect different sized boxes, tubes and containers. Can you make a really impressive castle, village or design of your own?