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Choosing Time

After another morning of a lot of screen time, it’s time for our digital detox. Take your pick of one or more of the activities below or play with your own games and toys at home. Whatever you choose, have fun and smile!


  • Personal, Social & Emotional Development – Keep in touch. Keep in touch with a loved one or a friend by drawing them a picture or writing them a little note. Ask an adult if they can help you send it to them.


  • Communication & Language – Mirror, mirror on the wall! Look in the mirror as you make different sounds and noises. Talk about the different shapes your mouth makes as you do this. Talk about your different features as you look in the mirror. What is the same and different between you and someone else in your house?


  • Physical Development – Go outside. Wrap up and get outside if you are able to and not isolating. How do you like to move? Run, skip, walk, slide, hop, jump? Or maybe you’d like to ride your scooter or bike. Remember to take care by those busy roads though!


  • Literacy – Wet words. Get a cup of water and a paintbrush. Go outside and paint sounds or words onto the wall with the water. Chalk will also work well but check with an adult first that they don’t mind you doing this.


  • Maths – Pick a penny. Ask someone in your household for some loose change. Can you sort the coins in different ways? You could maybe sort them by shape or colour. How much is each coin worth? Count how many are in each pile. Which do you have most of? Which do you have least of? Place paper over some of your coins and use a crayon to lightly rub. You will get a great effect!


  • Understanding the World – Sow some seeds. Whilst it’s too cold to sow most seeds directly outside in February, here are some that you could plant inside and place on a windowsill.
    • Sweet peas
    • Cosmos
    • Tomatoes
    • Marigold
    • Kale

        Don’t forget to take care of them and feed them!  


  • Expressive Arts & Design – Flour handprintsFor this activity you will need to go outside (if it is safe to do so and you are not isolating) with a sieve, some flour and some natural decorations (such as petals or leaves). Place your hand on the grass and ask an adult to sieve some flour over your hand whilst you keep it still. When you remove your hand you will have a lovely print on the ground. Use your items to decorate it.