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Choosing Time

After a morning of a lot of screen time again today, let’s continue with our digital detox choosing time afternoons. Below are some more suggested choosing time activities that cover all areas of the Early Years curriculum. As always though, these are simply ideas and I know you all have fantastic games and toys at home that you might prefer to play with instead. Have a great afternoon! 


  • Personal, Social & Emotional Development – My feelings. Write different feelings words on cards (e.g. happy, sad, nervous, excited, tired, hungry, upset, surprised etc.). Take it in turns to pick a card and read it with an adult. Can you make a face to show that feeling?


  • Communication & Language – Shopping! Make a pretend shop at home using real tins, fruit & vegetables or anything else you have at home. Talk about the different kinds of food that these are. Make price labels for small amounts using paper. You might like to use real money to role play – take orders and serve customers at the shop or be the customer yourself and go shopping!


  • Physical Development – Twist and turn. Find different things around the house that you can screw and unscrew to keep your finger muscles strong. Use jars, bottle lids, nuts and bolts or anything else you can find!


  • Literacy – Splat the sound. You have all been saying how much you have enjoyed this game so why not play splat the sound this afternoon. Grab your sound cards, or ask an adult to write down some words for you on paper, and see who can splat them the quickest when they’re called out.  


  • Maths – Game time. Play a game and practise your maths skills without even realising! You might play a board game using a dice and have a go at subitising the numbers as you roll. Or maybe you might like to learn how to play dominoes!


  • Understanding the World – Home sweet home. Draw a picture of your house. How many windows and/or doors can you see from outside. Draw them. Where do you live? Find out the name of your street and town. Do you know the name of the country you live in? It is important to know your address so that you could tell a ‘safer stranger’ (e.g. a police man or woman) if ever you got lost.  


  • Expressive Arts & Design – Hokey CokeyLearn how to do the ‘Hokey Cokey’. Listen to the different movement instructions in the song and join in when you can. There are lots of other songs with gross motor actions such as the Macarena, Cha Cha Slide, YMCA or the Birdy Song. Learn as many as you can whilst keeping fit. Perhaps you could even create your own action song!