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Take a piece of paper and cut it into 7 strips. Ask an adult to write a day of the week on each strip, or if you’d like a challenge why don’t you have a go at writing the days of the week by copying the words below. You might like to use a different colour for each day (take a look at the photos at the bottom of this page to see my work this morning).










What is the day today? Clue: yesterday was Thursday. If you are not sure, why not hop onto Education City quickly and listen to our days of the week song again to reminder yourself of the order. Can you find the strip of paper with this day on? Remember to look for the initial sound to help you. The day today begins with a ‘ffffffff’ sound.


Fancy a challenge: why not shuffle up your strips of paper and then see if you can place them in order. Use your initial sounds to help you read each day. Remember Tuesday is a tricky one because it sounds like it begins with a ‘ch’ sound but we know that it begins with a ‘T’. Thursday is also tricky as we have not yet learnt our ‘th’ sound, but again we are superstars in calendar time and work hard to spot the word Thursday.


Keep your days of the week somewhere safe. They might come in handy again next week.