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Yesterday I sent you all your login details to Education City. The Education City website can be accessed via your tablet, laptop or smart phone. As I mentioned in my Class Dojo post, some of the activities are tablet friendly and some laptop friendly so there should always be something you can access. 


Start the day off today with a song we like to sing in school. With singing restrictions in place in schools recently, we have only been able to sing it with half of the class at a time but now is your chance to belt out the song to your families and sing till your heart's content. 


Click on the website link at the bottom of this page to take you to Education City. Login using the details provided yesterday. In the search bar, type 'days of the week'. Click on EYFS on the left hand side menu. The days of the week song should then appear at the top of your list. 




Yesterday was Wednesday. Can you tell your adult what day it is today? What day will it be tomorrow?


Yesterday was the 6th? What is the date today? (Remember to use your number cards to help you if you are not sure). 


What is the weather like today? How does it make you feel?