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It is brilliant to hear how many of you have become confident completing your calendar daily. It is something we do everyday in school so that we know what to expect for the day ahead, whether that be a day that we have PE or an assembly, by completing our calendar every morning we are prepared. This does not have to be a long or onerous task by any means but just a quick reminder each day of what day it is. 


As we have discussed on several occasions this week, we are all different and like different things so pick your favourite way to work out today's date. Some of you like to complete your calendar in the same way everyday and others prefer to mix it up, there is no right or wrong way. As we have said everyone is different, so you do you!


You might like to:

  • Sing our Education City song
  • Use the interactive number line to find the next date along
  • Go to ICT Games to complete the interactive calendar app
  • Order your days of the week/months of the year cards 
  • Write the date in your book
  • Simply and quickly discuss the date with an adult - yesterday was Thursday. Which day comes after Thursday? 


The choice is yours smiley


Challenge: If any children are really secure with the order of the days of the week, can they tell you what the day was yesterday and what the day will be tomorrow?