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Lots of you said yesterday how much singing and dancing made you feel good. Let’s start your morning off with a song. Log into Education City, search for our ‘days of the week’ song, click EYFS and singalong.


Once you have done this, tell your adult what day it is today. Yesterday was Monday.


Yesterday was the 1st. Does anybody know what one more than 1 is? I have attached the link for the interactive number line should you wish to use this to help you. Or maybe you’d like to use counting objects instead. Do any of you know the answer without using anything to help you?

Another challenge for today – what is our new month called? It is the month that comes after January. If you need to some help, try out one of the months of the year songs below. You might like to join Jack Hartmann (from our subitising rap song) to exercise whilst learning about the months of the year, or you might like to sing along with the ‘Singing Walrus’ crew instead.

12 Months of the Year | Exercise Song for Kids | Learn the Months | Jack Hartmann

Learn the months of the year in this fun calendar and exercise video for kids. Sing the 12 months of the year while exercising with Jack.Lyrics12 months of ...

Months of the Year Song | Song for Kids | The Singing Walrus

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